9th class physics paper federal board

this paper helps you with more marks 9th class physics paper 2018 federal board. Notes possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, that circle in front of that question with Marker Or pag ink in the answer book. Cutting or filling two or mom circles will result in zero mark in that question. . best

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physics paper federal board

Bl “Qo-efficient of volume expansion of aluminum is: 4
A) ADO By 720K
—(C) 24×10°K” – (D) 6x 10° RK” 4
y The ST unit of thermal conductivity iS 1
(A) Ime (8) Mr KAN
WK!) Wm K

Short questioning and long questioning

In SI unit of density ts: 7 ee : q
(A) Kom! a (B) Ke nr 7 j
2 (C) kgm (D) Kem”
A ball is thrown vertically upward, its velocity at the!
highest point ts: . ‘
(A) ~l0ms’ = (BY) Zero . 3
(C) 10ms2 — (D) None of these 4
Co-eificient of friction is equal to: es
) FR a
(A) © (B) – F – j
(C) Fak (D) fs Y
The value of ‘g’ on the sun is: oo,
(A) 8.87 ms” (B) 5 etl 4
ye a

9th class physics paper federal board

— (C) rege Oh Sms~ a
1 One dwrse power is equal to a
ee — —— (B) 647 watt
© (C) 746 watt (D) 100 watt
| ‘The coefficient of linear expansion and volume
expansion are related by: –
. (A) Bea) B=2a
© Bey Be
| The least count of screw guage is: a
2 (A) Imm BY Om
©) 001mm —-(D) 0.00Imm
q Power is equal to: mo oe
_— yo 7
— Wa (8)
— (C) 5 —(D) Wxt
L The number of forces that can be added by head to tail
rule: a
| (A) 2 (BY) 3 7
(C) 4 (D) Any number
Rate of change of momentum is equal to:
(A) Torque (B) Force
(C) Work (D) Distance

9th class physics paper federal board
9th class physics paper federal board

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