9th class english paper federal board

Pakistan Studies Com . ulsor Ninth Lahore Board IAA Orill ,,,i,m,,C ‘”’ Time:1.45 . r, VICIMMIIII Marks : 40
01’1 9th class english paper

9th class english paper
0 PART-I El Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions: 12 Who coined the word Pakistan and when? Write the importance of Prayer (Namaz) in Islam. -What is meant by common religion? Write the economic importance of Zakat. Write two points of C.R formula. What did Quaid-e-Azam say about development Cf democracy? 13:3 What was the reaction of the Hindu Political Parties the Resolution of Pakistan? en What was the specific commission on the end of Wori:1 War-II? 1113 Write Gandhi proposals in the light of Jinnah-Gandhi

9th class federal board

talks Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions: 12 Where is Suleman mountain range located and its highest peak?
Briefly describe ab Write aht Ri t’a\ .riefly describe the climate of Baluchistan lateau. Describe any four land reforms introduced by Ayub Khan. Describe two causes of war 1965. Write two Islamic provisions of the Constitution of 1956. Briefly introduce Hazrat Abu Talib. Which departments are working to counter terrorism?
..ava rn tributaries of Indus
PART — II Note: Attempt any TWO questions from the following. el Evaluate the Islamic values which are the basis of the Ideology of Pakistan 8 ® Why were the elections of 1945-46 held? How did the results of these elections benefit the Muslims? 8 13 Write notes on: 8 (a) Plain region of Punjab. (b) Economic Development.

English Ninth Lahore Board . Com . ulsor 2019. alk ill a Time:2.10 hrs 1111MIMIMI 7 arks : 56

9th class english paper

9th class english paper
9th class english paper


saver any FIVE of the following questions: 10 What was the condition of mankind before the Rasool rk,…0″,.),’,■? Which is your favourite TV programme? Why? How did Hazrat Asma (RA) console her grandfather? To what extent does the recovery of a patient depend upon the doctor and the nurse? CI Why does the speaker stop on the darkest evening of the year? IM! Why did the nurse ask Hira’s sister to come and talk to her? What are the effects of drug addiction? Define noise pollution?
SECTION — II E! Translate any two of the following paragraphs into
(a) The Rasool panion, Hazrat ,r0_, B.., lit• e year 622 A.D. When the chiefs migrated from \IN/ NP4rthes of Makkah came to know about the migration of the Rasool ((k,J1,…54..i.,i?) and his close
companion, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (b) One day, standing at the bedside of a young patient, I wondered if she could make the same recovery like others. Hira had received severe head and spinal injuries as she was hit by a speeding bus while crossing a busy road. (c) Perhaps I can best illustrate by imaaining what I should most like to see if I was given the use of my eyes, say for just three days. On the first day, I should want most to see the people whose kindness, gentleness and companionship have made my life worth living. OR Rewrite any two above paragraphs into simple English. la Write down the summary of the poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost.
Paraphrase the foll w reference

he stars that shine winkle on the milky way, They stretched in never-ending line Along the margin of a bay: Use any FIVE of the following words I phrases / idioms in your sentences : • 5 (i) bits and pieces (ii) invasion (iii) responsible (iv) a mouth piece of the downtrodden (v) man in the street (vi) century (vii) conquest (viii) quietly pi Write a letter to your mother who is worried about your health. – 8 OR Write a story with the moral “All that glitters is not gold”.

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OR Write a dialogue between a teacher and student. ri Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end : 0 One day a girl found a coin. It rolled away broom when she was sweeping n a little clatter against the picked it up. Some AO- ro ng the yard and perh ubled to look for it. It was worth **- V\114:41:\I anything of her own before. She rubbed it clean on td erred a whole fortune to her, who never the sleeve of her blue cotton jacket and put it into her pocket. Questions: (i) What did the girl find? (ii) When did she find it? (iii) How had the coin been dropped there? (iv) What was the worth of the coin? (v) Why was it a whole fortune to her? Ei Translate any FIVE of the following sentences into English: 5

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English with

  1. _eyrcze,,A.),,f—nixviii) • Exclusively for candidates whose Medium of Examination is English (Question – 8 Alternative to Urdu Translation) Write Ten sentences about “A Dream”. Change the voice of the f lo (i) The mother lov (ii) She ga led the snake. )elf -‘elog has not been beaten by her. (v) This house is being bought by them.

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