9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board

9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board
7 i rose. | 7 1 | | 1 Answer Sheet No.9th class Computer paper

~ SECTION — A (Marks 08)
— Time allowed: 20 Minutes
~ NOTE: Section-A is compulsory. All parts of this section are to be answered on the question paper itself.
tt should be completed in the first 20 minutes and handed over to the Centre Superintendent.

~ Deleting/overwriting is not allowed. Do not use a lead pencil.
— Q.1 Circle the correct option i.e. A/B/C /D. Each part carries one mark.
~ jo A semiconductor benaves like a/an at high temperature.
_ A Conductor 8 Insulator
— Cc. Dielectric D. Metal (i) The process of adding an impurity in germanium is known as:
_ A Bonding 8. Cloning
_ Cc. Doping D. Compounding
_ (ww) An angle which is between 90° and 180° is called?
_ A Acute 8. Reflex
_ C. Obtuse D. Right
_ (iv) IBM 370 computer is an exampie of:

A Microcomputer 6. Minicomputer
~ c. Mainframe computer o. Laptop computer
~ (vy Unit of electric energy is:
~ A Joul 6. Ampere
~ c. Volt D. Watt :
_ tv Which of the following utility is used to arrange data in sequence?

9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board
9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board

~ A Backup 8. POST
~ C. Boot up D. Disk defragmentation 7 (vii}In the fourth band of resistor, tolerance of silver color is: ~ A 10% B 08% ~ c 18% dD. 01% ~ (vil) When the cross-sectional area of a conductor wire is decreased, its resistance: ™~ A Increases 8. Decreases c. Remains same oO. Can not be predictable
~ For Examiner’s use only: TO
~ Total Marks: Foe |
_ — sea vam
Matt® Obtained: C_]
Roll No. CETTT I I Answer Sheet No. a _
Siga~of Candidate: Sig. of Invigilator: ee) ~
Kg cal on ath sly page” ~
(os A”) Jit 220 ch
met Rie te Santi lL VILA KE wort BS ALL eg eet gine ed
MOT ALO 1 SLgtRarne fie bit F stele» WA
tw. LAE at 4 elms wo ~
esr Vr wl ~

Sections B and C 9th class Computer paper

Time allowed: 2:40 Hours Total Marks Sections B and C: 32
— NOTE: Answer any six parts from Section ‘8’ and any two questions from Section ‘C’ on the separately
provided answer book. Use supplementary answer sheet i.e. Sheet-B8 if required. Write your answers.
_ neatly and legibly.
—_ SECTION – B (Marks 18)
. @.2 Answer any SIX parts. The answer to each part should not exceed 3 to 4 lines. (6×3= 18) a White a short note on POST. — ii) Define drawing. Write any four tools which are used in drawing. diy Briefly explain the effect of AC and DC on capacitors. ~ (iv) Briefly explain reverse-biased circuit of diode with diagram. ~ WW) Briefly explain AND, OR and XNOR gates with symbols and truth tables. (wy {fa 100 £2 electric lamp is connected with 3 220 v source, calculate the current that flows through the circuit,
_ (vil) Write any three methods to protect our computer data from destructions by viruses.
(viii) Define impact printers. Briefly explain any one of its types.
~ SECTION — C (Marks 14)
Note: Attempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2×7 214)
Jazz an Explain Ohm’s law with the help of an example. Write its equation. (04)
~ b. Write any three advantages of Backup. (03)
Q4 oa, Convert (1011100), and (4840),, to decimal and then convert these back to Binary and
Hexadecimal systems respectively (04)
_ b. How are step up and step down transformers constructed? (03)
Q.6 Define the computer. Explain types of computers in detail (07)
-_ (18%) (wae
— ——-(6×3=48) Elena fyripe PLizoeyge Vevtiow Aly
~ ai%post
_ Pe wipe MELO LES LENE li
_ auSwpceacy ys” Gi)
Eee hiheiaS Eis (iv)
_ wt Ailete” XNOR OR AND 2 aS BS ot chs (W)
_ Sei 100 eR SO AU oe Ltn 220herdes — (wip
_ wie Ate Wertgn Lime titles (in
ote eal tir fp Klein tun

9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board
9th class Computer paper 2018 federal board

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