1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board

Section — A is compulsory. All parts of this section are to be answered on the separately provided
OMR Answer Sheet which should be completed in the first 25 minutes and handed over to the
Centre Superintendent. Deleting/overwriting is not allowed. Do not use a lead pencil. 1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board. get one now get fresh

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Choose the correct answer

4 Choose the correct answer A/B/C/D by filling the relevant bubble for each question on the OMR
Answer Sheet according to the instructions given there. Each part carries one mark.
1) Graph of a cumulative frequency distribution is called:
A. Histogram B. Frequency curve
Cc. Ogive D. Frequency polygon
2) A number of family members in different families is an example.
A. Discrete variable B. Continuous variable
Cc. Dependent variable D. Qualitative variable
3) A set of all units of interest in a study is called:
A. Sample B. Population on Parameter D. Statistic
4) In a statistical table row captions are called:
A. Box head B. Stub on Body D. Title

5) if mean is less than the mode, the distribution is called:
A. Positively skewed B. Negatively skewed
C. Symmetrical D. Bimodal
6) Sum of absolute deviations is least when deviations are taken from:
A Mean B. Median c. Mode D. Geometric mean
7) Median divides data into:
A. 2 parts B. 3 parts Cc. 4 parts D. § parts
8) For two independent variables X and Y, S.D(X – Y) is equal to:

A. Var(X)+Var(Y) B. \Var(X) —Var(V)
c. S.D(X)+S8.D(¥) D. S.D(X)- S.DY)
9) A disadvantage of the range is that it depends upon:
A. Absolute deviations B. Squared deviations
Cc. Two extreme values D. Two quartiles
any Rawlayv’c beneficient of skewness lies between:

1st-year Stat Paper
1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board

1st-year Stat Paper objective

A. Absolute deviations B. Squared deviations
Cc. Two extreme values D. Two quartiles
10) Bowley’s coefficient of skewness lies between:
A. O and 1 B. -1 and +1 Cc. -Linda O. ~2 and +2
11) (n chain base method. the base period is:
A test year B. Last year c. Fixed D. Not fixed
12) Paasche’s index numbers are also called: ;
A. Simple aggregative ‘ 8B. Consumer price
Cc. Base year weighted 0. Current year weighted
13) The dependent variable is also called:
A. Explanatory variable B. Predictor
Cc. Regressand 0. Regressor

14) The value of correlation coefficient lies between:
A. QO and 1 B. -1ando0 c. -1and +4 D. —0.5 and 0.5
15) In method of least squares, the sum of squares of residuals is:
A. Minimum B. Maximum Cc. Zero D. Negative
16) A straight line is fitted to the time series when the variations are:
A. Linear B. Nonlinear c. Upward D. Downward
17) Price hike in the month of Ramazan is an example.
A Secular trend: B. Seasonal variations
Cc, Cyclical variations D. Irregular variations
— 1HA 1913 —

1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board
1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board

Stat Paper

SECTION — B (Marks 42)
2 Attempt any FOURTEEN parts. All parts carry equal marks. (14x 3 = 42)
(i) Given x, = 2, x, =8, x, =-6, x, =1. x, =0. Find Ye ~a) when a=2

(ii) What is the raw data?

(iii) Suppose that we have two series given below:

[x se
Compute (i) = XY (i) Yu-ry

(iv) Explain the term classification.

{v) Following are the number of mistakes made by 25 typists in a typing test:

5,6, 0, 5, 8, 4,3, 5. 7,9, 4, 7, 8,6, 8, 3,2.7, 1, 1,0,2.3,4,0. Make a frequency distribution.

(vi) Define Geometric mean.

(vii) For the following eight observations, show that Ye -x)=0
73, 78, 56, 38, 17, 25, 34, 33

Define mean deviation.

(vil) Define mean deviation.

(ix) Differentiate between lower and upper quartiles.

(x) A student obtained the following marks in an examination: English 73, Urdu 82, Maths 80,
Islamiyat 57 and Science 62. Find the weighted mean if the weights of 4, 3, 3, 2 and 2 are allotted to the subjects respectively.

(xi) Define the Arithmetic mean and mode.

(xii) Differentiate between simple and composite index numbers.

(xii) If link relatives are 100, 120, 102. 105, 118, 112, 115, 120, 110. Find the chain indices.

(xiv) Explain the term Regression.

(xv) If m=8, ¥ = 45, Y= 72.125, S, = 22.91, $, =13.96, Dxy = 28480 . Find the value of the correlation coefficient.
(xvi) Given r = 0.605, §, =2.12, S, =2.34, L(x-X\y— ¥) =24 find the number of pairs.
(xvii) With which characteristic movement of a time series would you mainly associate each of the
a. A need for increased wheat production due to the constant increase in population.
b. An era of prosperity c. An after Eid sales
(xviii) Fit a straight line y= a+ x from the following results for the years 1948-58 (both inclusive)
Ixs0, Yy=438.9, Dx? =110, xy =~844
(xix) Differentiate between Histogram and Histogram.
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1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board
1st-year Stat Paper 2019 Federal Board

Attempt any TWO questions

SECTION — C (Marks 26)
Attempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. ™ (2x 13 26)
Calculate Pearson’s coefficient of Skewness for the given data: (13)
[Group | 70= 19] 20-28 [30-38 | 40- 49 | 50-50 | 60-68
[Frequency 14 [2 [4% [a2 [i [10 |
The following table gives the prices and quantities of four commodities for the years 2002 and 2005. (43)
Commodity 2002 2006 2002 | = 2005
an a
Show that the Fisher’s index is the geometric mean of Laspeyres and Paasche’s index.
a. For the following data: ~~ (06)
7 48 1 jt
Find the estimated regression line and show that 5(¥~-Y)=0
b. Compute 4 quarters centered moving averages for the given time series: (07)
| Year |

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