1st-year Biology Paper 2019 Federal Board

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eee ODE OE eee eee eee 4M 1st-year Biology Paper 2019
1) At high altitude RACs of human blood wi,
A Oecrease in size 8. Decrease in humber
c Increase in number o. increase in size
2) Guttation in plants is more notable when:
A Transpiration is low 8. imbibition starts.
c. Temperature ia high D. Relative humidity &s low
3) Which of the following bonds is found m the molecular structure of Carbohydrates?
a C-H 8 c-s c. c-oO o. C-N
4) Pepain enzyme) works at the pH of
A 20 8. 6.5 c. 4s o. 3.5
5) Tay Sach’s disease is cavaed because of the absence of an enzyme that is involved in the
catabonsm pf:
A. Proteins B Lipits
c Polysaccharides: D. Monosacchandes
8) Which one is NOT a viral disease?
A Small pox 8 Potlomysiiie = C. Influenza o. Anthrax
ay The tail of bacteriophage raleases lysozyme to dissolve @ portion of bacterial:
A, Sime 8. Capsule Cc. Cell wail dD. ‘Cell membrane
8) Cyst formation is a characterislic of some species of bactena It ls resistance to:
A Desaication B pH
Cc High temperature o. Chemical agent
9) ‘Which of the fodlowing organisms help in fomaton of ime stone deposde?
A. Radiclanians = B. Diatoms c. Zoofiagellates 0. Formas
10) Which one of following is NOT inckided in Ctworophy te’?
A Spirogyra B Potysiphonia = C. Ulva D. Acetabulana
11) Which fungus is used for fermenting/producing soya sauce and soya paste torn saya bean?
A Penictilium 8. Agancus C. Neurospora =O. Aspergillus
12) The simpiest of all bryophytes are:
A Liverworts, 8. Whiak fernaC. Mosses Oo. Hornworts
13) The common name of Oryza sativa is;
A Wheat 8. Oats c. Rice o. Maize
14) The zoological name of earthworm is:
A Pheretima posthuma 8. Enterobius vermecularis
C. Hirudo medicinalis o. Ascaris lumbrcoides
15) Animals with jointed legs balong to which phylum?
A. Arnslida 8 Echinodermata C. Moflusca, D. Asihropoda
16) Which one ia NOT a phase of Calvin cycle?
A. Regeneration of OO, acceptor 8. Phosphorytation
c Carbon fixation D. Reduction

1st-year Biology Paper 2019 Federal Board
1st-year Biology Paper 2019 Federal Board

O.2 Anawer any SEVEN parts from the following. All parte carry equal marks. (7 x3s27p
w Name the types of Centrifugation. Also write their mechanism.
te} Give functons of any three Plasma Membrane Proteins
{uj Define Heat Capacity of water How does it help organisms to live in diferent conditions?
tiv) Expizin briefly the structure and function of MRNA
ty) Outtine the mechanism of Photorespiraiion in ptanta.
ww) What are different uses of Bacteriophage in Genetic Engineering?
(vi) Write the structure of basic parts of @ Flagellum in bacterium.
(vii) Oefine and exptain briefly Transformation and Transduction.
(ba Orew and label life cycte of Physanwn.
rey ‘White aboul the structure of Envelope and Capsid of Human Immunodeficiency Virus.
SECTION – C (Marte 29)
{ Chapters 8-13)1st-year Biology Paper 2019
Q.3 Answer any SEVEN parts from the following. All parts carry equal martes. (7 x3e2)
wo Name and define the Pathways taken by water to reach xylem vessels in plants
Ww Write about the General characteristics of Phylum Aachalminthes.
{i Betty expiain Starch Sugar Theory for opening of atomnata.
{iv} How do Auxins affect stem. roots and floral buds in plants?
{wy White about Aetiology, Prevention and Treatment of Dyspepsia?
(vip Differentiate between Artificial Active Immunity and Artificial Passive Imemunily.
{vii} Outline the structure of a typical Antinody.
tvii) Wine a note on the structure of different tayers of an Artery.
tux) How do Interferons act 2% protective proteins?
(x) a Wha 3s the mechanism of Angioplasty?
b Name the largest Lymphatic Duct in human body
SECTION – D (Marke 26)
Note; Altempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2×13 = 26)
adetoia Explam the development of Mase and Famale gametaphytes and Double Fertilization m Flowering Plants.
Also draw the diagram of Life cycle of a Flowering Ptant. 07402
bo Give an account of General Characterestics and Evolutionary Adaptations of Class Amphia. oe
agia Describe the main steps of Calvin cycle. Also draw a labetled Caivin cycle OGe02
b. How is Fungi used in Baking, Genetic Engineering and Antibiotics production. 0s
oc a Give a detailed account of structure of Smaill intastine in Humans. os
b. Describe the Groups of Enzymes on the basts of types af reactions. 06
— 9a 1819

OMR Answer Sheet which should be completed in the first 25 minutes and handed over lounge
Centre Superintendem. Celetingfoververiting ts not allowed. Oo not use lead pencit.
Q.1 Choose the correct answer A/ 2/C / D by filling the relevant bubble for each question on the OMR

Answar Sheet sccorting to the instructions given there. Each part carries one mack,
y is called the Pacemaker of the heart.

A AV Node B. Bundle of His C. Purkinje Fibres D. S.A Node
2) The Hepatic Portal vein és formed by lhe union of splenic vein and vein.

A Cystic 8 Superior Mesenteric

¢ Infenor Mesentenc Oo. Hepatic
3) Natural kiter cells release proteins called to kill their target.

  • A Interferon 8. Intesteukin c. Perforin fe) Hestamnino
    4) The basic protein subunit of Intermediate lament is:
  • A Actin B. Vemantin c, Tubulin Oo Tropomyasan
    5) A plant cell stores Lipkts in
  • A Bavoplast B Proteinopiast = C. Etioplast 0. Amylopiast
    6) rach one of the following 3 NOT a heteropolysaccharide?
  • A Chivn B Peptidoglycan C. Agar 0 Pectin
    va) Prostaglandins are derived fram.
  • A Phosphatidic aad 8 Arachidonic acid
  • C. Linotenic acid 0. Cholesterol
    8} Cyanides are potent poisons of ving organisms as they act as. mivdtors
  • A Reversitie Nan-competitve B. Non-competitive
  • C. Inrevarside Non-competitive Do Competitive
    o} Reovirus which causes diarhoea is a virus.
  • 4 ds RNA 8. 3% DNA Cc. 33 RNA o. ts ONA.
    10) Preuritic pain, sudden chil and rusty red brown sputum are the main symptoms of
  • A Tuberculosis «iB. Typhoid Cc. Herpes: 0 Preymonia
    1) The condition in bactanum in which it possesses a single flagellum at both ends 3 called.
  • A Amphibsinchous. 6. Amphilophotrichous
  • Cc Amphittichous 0. Monopolar Bitnchous
    12} For the first time, the level of Moneta was raited to Kingdom level by:
  • A. Jobn Hog 8. Ehrenberg
  • c Emst Haeckel o. Herbert Copland
    13) All of the folowing are green aigao EXCEPT:
  • A Uva 8. Laminana c. Spirogyra D Civoretta
    14) Horsetails is the common name of group:
  • A Lycopsida 8 Pleropsida Cc. Sphenopsida D Patopexda
    15) Carviaginous flehes possess all of the following characters EXCEPT.
  • A Four pase of gis 8. J. Shaped stomach

c Heterocercal tail o. Pracoid scales
16) During development, Trochaphore larva is formed in pirylum:

Q.2 Answer any SEVEN parts from the following. All parte carry equal marks. (7 30 2
a Deting fottowing terms (14449)
a Hydroponic Cunure technique b. integrated Osease Management
rs Endangered Species
ay The formula below shows the structure of an amano acid.
H,N-— ¢—CO00rt
a Wirat groups do 11,N and COOH represent in the formuta? tot)
b Name the Dond formed between two such amino ack’s mn)
Tuy a Name the nort-prolein part of an enzyme. a
b Define mhidtors and name ther types only. {+}
(wi Compare the structure and tuncitons of Peroxisome and Glyoxysores. (1.5¢1.5)
tw a What is hepatilis? Give its symptoms. (144)
b What are causes of hepatitis 8% a“
tvis a Uist two charactenstics each of Gram-posdive and Gram-negative bacteria 42)
b Orfferentiate between harmogonia and Akinetes. 1)
(wi) What 1s the importance of marine algae? ay
b Name one animal of Zooflagellates and Apicomplexans. (tet)
ivi) oa What are water mois? “a
b What infamous role water molds have played in the tuman history? (2)
ba 8. Write down one afference between Rust and Smut w
b. Define the fokowing: (141)
1 Ascocarp a Parasexualily
bo ‘What economic lasses o¢cur because of fungi (especally owing to plants diseases and
decomposition) {arty
SECTION — C (Miprie 21)
( Chapters 9 – 14)1st-year Biology Paper 2019

Q3 Answer any SEVEN parts from the following. AN parts carry equal marks. (7? 23% 21)
i Haw have the bryophytes adapted lerresirial mode of life? @)
tm) Which class of ptants do the Equesetum and Adiantum belong to? Also wrte the characterstics.

of these classes 41.$+1.8)
val ‘Write down botanical names of the fallowing angiaspenmic plants. {lotet}

a Wheat 6 Potato « Armalias
(vi ‘What are parastes? How have parasitic Platynetminthes adapted themselves to parastic

mode of life? (1+2)
(wy Why have the Echinoderms been placed closest to phylum Chordates? Give three reasons. am

_ oe a ne eo mg1st-year Biology Paper 2019

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