10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board

Section-A is compulsory.10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board Alt parts of this section are to be answered on the question paper itself. It should be completed in the first 20 minutes and handed over to the Center Superintendent. 10th class Physics paper.best now

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SECTION A (Marks 12)

Q.2 Answer any ELEVEN parts. The answer to each part should not exceed 3 to 4 lines. (44×35 33}
iy Derive a relationship between velocity, frequency, and wavelength of a wave Write a formula relating velocity of a wave to its time period and wavelength.
u) A pendulum of length 0.99 m is taken ta the moon by an astronaut. What will be the value of g on the surface of the moon if the period of the pendulum there is 4.9 8?
it Names the factors upon which loudness of a sound depends
I’ve to Calculate the intensity level of the faintest audible sound/10th class Physics paper

iv} Why or why not concave mirrors are suitable for makeup?
I Give one example explaining the application of static electricity
Twat The charge of how many negatively charged particles would be equal to 100 4:C’ Assume charge on
one negative particle is 1.4×10°PC
ivi State Coulomb’s law and give its mathematical expression
(tx) Differentiate between e.m.f and potential difference.
(xt Describe any three safety measures that should be taken in connection with the household circuit
{xl} Briefly explain mutual induction with the help of an experiment

10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board
10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board

Gar What are the universal logic gates? Give their symbols and truth tables extent) Differentiate primary memory and secondary memory.
ix) What’s the difference between hardware and software?
(xv) What are tracers? How are they helpful in agriculture?

Section d 10th class Physics paper

me allowed: 20 Minutes Version Number [1 |8 [4/6 |
Deleting/overwriting is not allowed. Do not use lead pencil.4 Circle the correct option ie. A/B/C / 0. Each part carries one mark, The characteristic of sound by which a loud and a faint sound can be distinguished 1s
A Pitch of sound 8. The intensity of sound c Loudness of sound 0. Quality of sound
tid The human ear can respond to the intensities ranging from
A 10° Wm? to 100Wm™ B. 10° Wm? to 10Wm™
c 10°? Wm? to Wm? D. 10! Wm? to 0.1 Wn
(hi} Approximate speed of sound in distilled water at 25°C is:

A 1198ms”! 8. 1298ms* C. 1398 ms! oO. 1498 ms
{iv} The focal .ength of a convex lens of power 5 D is _cm.
A 5 8 40 Cc. 20 n 30
iv} The magnifying power of a simple microscope is given as:
A 146% a tar4, « 4 ode
f hoof P i
wy Tne S! uni of e.ectric potential difference is:
A joule 8. ampere Cc. com D. voit’;\10th class Physics paper

10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board
10th class Physics paper 2017 federal board

hour is a large 10th class Physics

vai Kilowatt-hour is a large unit <9 measure.
A. Electric potential 8. Electric energy
Cc Electric flux D. Electric field intensity
towed The tum rato of a transformer is 10. It means
| N Vy
A pio Bo Ns Cc Ny-10Mp
fy 10 10
vie WX = AB then ‘X’ is ‘1’, when:
A, Aand 8 are ‘1’ B. Ao0: Bis’O
c Ais O’andBis’1 0. Ais ‘Vand Bis ‘3
tx} AND gate can be formed using two:
A NOT gates B. OR gates c. NOR gates D NAWD quiet
{xt} Which of the following is NOT processing?
An Arranging 8. Manipulating = C. Calculating Co Gathering,
(an) For the diagnosis of a brain tumor is used.
A lodine-131 B. Cobalt-60 Cc. Carbon-14 bd. Phosphorus-32

For Examiner’s use only:
Total Marks: | 42 |
Marks Curtain: to |
—— 288 1807 —
ape Sint
Roll No | Answer Sheet No AS ae SS)
a TT 3 sets De
1S SS 3)

10th class Physics

The time allowed: 2:40 Hours Total Marks Sections B and C: 53
NOTE: Answer any eleven parts from Section ‘8’ and any two questions from Section ‘C’ on them separately
provided an answer book. Use supplementary answer sheet i.e. Sheet-8 if required. Write your answers
neatly and legibly.
SECTION ~ B (Magis 33)

SECTION – C (Maries 20)
Note: Attempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2 x 10 = 20)10th class Physics paper

10th class Physics SECTION – C (

SECTION – C (Meats 20)
Note: Attempt any TWO questions. All questions carry equal marks. (2 x 10 = 20)
Q.3 a. Give the principle of working and construction of AC generator with the help of labeled diagram = (2+2+2)
b. By applying a potential difference of 10 V across a conductor, a current of 1.5 A passes through it
How much energy would be obtained from the current in 2 minutes? (04)10th class Physics paper

2.4 a. Define and explain Nuclear Fusion with the help of a diagram, Give its equation. Also, describe
fusion on the surface of the sun (4+141)
b. How can a NAND gate be used as House Safety Alarm? Explain with the help of diagram (2+2)
0.5 a. What is the critical angle? Describe total internal reflection and conditions necessary for it (14144)
b. Discuss the motion of the simple pendulum as SHM (04)10th class Physics paper
—~ 28S 1807 —

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